Aria Company
AriaCompany 78
Very small water-guide company




Aria Pokoteng


Lined with blue

Aria Company was founded 20 years ago by one of the greatest Undines in recent memory. While she, Grandma, has since retired, the ideals of a relaxed friendly atmosphere remains. Aria Company is a very small business with only two Undines are employed at the Aria Company, however the current Prima Undine is one of the three Water Fairies of Neo-Venezia. One is Alicia Florence, and the other is Akari Mizunashi, who is a Single. While most Undines are originally from Aqua, Akari is from Manhome.

The president of Aria Company is a pudgy cat named Aria Pokoteng, having held the position in company since its founding. He's especially affectionate towards the founding Undine. He's taken an interest in the female president of Himeya Company, Hime, and lives in fear of the president of Orange Planet, Maa: a kitten who loves to latch on to his belly.