Ai 78
A girl from Man-home.
Kanji アイ
Romaji Ai
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Age -
Birthday -
Birthplace Manhome (Earth)
Location Manhome
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Height -
Blood Type -
Title -
Affiliation Aria Company
Occupation Undine
Rank Single
Voice Actor Kaori Mizuhashi (Japanese)
Serena Clerici (Italian)
Seo Yeong Kim (Korean)

Ai (アイ) is a young girl from Manhome. At first, she was bored with the slow pace of life on Aqua, but after spending time with Akari, she came to love all the little pleasures that make Aqua beautiful. Ai still lives far away on Manhome, but that doesn't stop her from visiting Aqua every so often, usually with her parents or older sister. She and Akari have become best friends, and they e-mail each other almost every day.

She eventually joins Aria Company a couple of years after Akari becomes a Prima, thereby becoming Akari's student.